"I have been a patient of RTS for 10yrs and I would never go to anyone else. I highly recommend their services to all ages; everyone there is wonderful and Dr. Pizzi is absolutely one of the best in the dental field. When you call or visit their office you are always greeted by Dayna with a warm hello and she always remembers special things about you making you feel at home. If you just need a cleaning from Donna you will always find her to be delightful, gentle and thorough. If you need a scaling; a filling done or any other dental work, Dr. Pizzi and Tammy pamper you with gentle smiles and rest assured confidence. I am continually complimented on my teeth and I tell people; "I love my dentist; he always gives me A Reason to Smile". Thank you all for 10 years of top notch dental work and a smile that lights up a room."

–Deb, Montclair