“Dr. Pizzi and his team really live up to their name. This practice has definitely given my family a Reason to Smile. My children love to go to the dentist. They sincerely believe that a teeth cleaning is a special after school activity (and not just because they know they will walk out with a prize). Dr. Pizzi, Donna, Dayna, and Tammy are interested, engaging, and sensitive to whatever mood my children are in – they reassure, joke, praise, and somehow manage to inject Novocain without letting them see a needle. When it became evident that we weren’t going to get a good set of x-rays on my 5 year old because of an overly sensitive gag reflex, Dr. Pizzi explained that it would be necessary to take him to a pediatric specialist. The films weren’t clear, but he was concerned that something wasn’t right.  We are very grateful that Dr. Pizzi recognized this issue and sent us in the right direction. It turned out a root canal was in order, and Dr. Pizzi caught it before my son complained of any pain. My husband and I are also patients of A Reason to Smile.  It sounds odd to say that I enjoy going to the dentist, but it’s really easy to like going to such a warm and friendly place. I have never had a better dental experience anywhere else.”

– Paula, East Windsor

“Dr. Pizzi at A Reason to Smile is both professional and quick to put you at ease. Our family goes there and he is equally great with our children. For us, the key quality in choosing a dental practice is you feel comfortable there.  With Dr. Pizzi and his wonderful staff you get that feeling.”

– Mike, Robbinsville

"I have been a patient of RTS for 10yrs and I would never go to anyone else. I highly recommend their services to all ages; everyone there is wonderful and Dr. Pizzi is absolutely one of the best in the dental field. When you call or visit their office you are always greeted by Dayna with a warm hello and she always remembers special things about you making you feel at home. If you just need a cleaning from Donna you will always find her to be delightful, gentle and thorough. If you need a scaling; a filling done or any other dental work, Dr. Pizzi and Tammy pamper you with gentle smiles and rest assured confidence. I am continually complimented on my teeth and I tell people; "I love my dentist; he always gives me A Reason to Smile". Thank you all for 10 years of top notch dental work and a smile that lights up a room."

–Deb, Montclair