1. Do you take my insurance?

We are able to submit to most insurance companies. We are considered “in-network” for MetLife and Delta Dental at this moment . Our front-desk staff will gladly decipher your dental benefits, and help you get the most out of them to offset the cost of dental treatment for you and your family.

2. Why doesn’t my insurance cover this?

Dental insurance is poorly named. An insurance company offering dental coverage gives a patient an allotment of money per year; usually $1,000-$2,000 per year. This amount has not changed since 1960! Dental insurance was never indexed, and never allowed for inflation. In 1960, $1,000 would pay for a full mouth reconstruction. With most forms of insurance, a third party assumes risk when they are paid to do so (i.e. home, auto, life). When you are given an allotment of money per year and per person, and when services are rendered, you are expected to pay a high co-pay, the insurance company is not assuming risk. They are actually banking on the fact that most people will avoid going to the dentist due to fear, and opt to not use the insurance at all. For these reasons, insurance companies are not on your side. That being said, dental insurance is a tool that can be helpful, and we will help you to utilize this tool to your advantage.

3. Do you see children?

We begin to see children at age 2 ½ as per the recommendations of the ADA. If a parent suspects something is not proper in their child’s mouth prior to age 2 ½ then they are encouraged to bring them in earlier. The techniques we utilize with children are in place to establish a relationship based on trust and understanding.

4. Is this going to hurt?

We use the most modern, and advanced techniques in order to insure that you are comfortable during any procedure. Your comfort is our priority.

5. How do you deal with a high anxiety, or fearful patient?

First, we establish a relationship based on trust. Once trust has been established, educating a patient becomes our top priority. An educated patient is our best defense against fear, and anxiety. During the initial phases of this relationship, we may have to use certain medications to allow you to tolerate procedures. At the conclusion of these types of appointments, you may need to be driven home.

6. Do you perform root canals?

Yes, Dr. Pizzi was trained while serving his residency at Jersey Shore Medical Center. He also takes extensive continuing education to learn and master the latest techniques in endodontics.

7. Do you perform extractions?

Yes, Dr. Pizzi has extensive experience in the art and science of removing teeth.